Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 431 MRJ Veletta, GR Marsh West Aust v South Aust Perth 15 Dec 1989 FC
2nd 386 GS Blewett, DS Lehmann South Aust v Tasmania Hobart 8 Nov 2001 FC
3rd 459 CJL Rogers, MJ North West Aust v Victoria Perth 15 Oct 2006 FC
4th 462* DW Hookes, WB Phillips South Aust v Tasmania Adelaide 6 Mar 1987 FC
5th 464* ME Waugh, SR Waugh NSW v West Aust Perth 20 Dec 1990 FC
6th 332 NG Marks, G Thomas NSW v South Aust Sydney 5 Dec 1958 FC
7th 335 WC Andrews, EC Bensted Queensland v NSW Sydney 31 Dec 1934 FC
8th 270 VT Trumper, EP Barbour NSW v Victoria Sydney 24 Jan 1913 FC
9th 232 C Hill, E Walkley South Aust v NSW Adelaide 15 Dec 1900 FC
10th 307 AF Kippax, JEH Hooker NSW v Victoria Melbourne 22 Dec 1928 FC
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Western Australia v Tasmania at Perth, Marsh Sheffield Shield 3rd match, Oct 10-13, 2019 [First-class]
Queensland v New South Wales at Brisbane, Marsh Sheffield Shield 2nd match, Oct 10-13, 2019 [First-class]
Victoria v South Australia at Melbourne, Marsh Sheffield Shield 1st match, Oct 10-13, 2019 [First-class]