Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 155* AC Gilchrist, VVS Laxman v Mum Indians Mumbai 27 Apr 2008 T20
2nd 92 S Sohal, KC Sangakkara v Daredevils Delhi 19 Apr 2011 T20
3rd 157 CL White, KC Sangakkara v Warriors Cuttack 1 May 2012 T20
4th 111 A Symonds, RG Sharma v Royals Hyderabad (Deccan) 24 Apr 2008 T20
5th 95 A Symonds, Y Venugopal Rao v Kings XI Kimberley 9 May 2009 T20
6th 43 Anirudh Singh, Y Venugopal Rao v RCB Mumbai 24 Apr 2010 T20
6th 43 PA Reddy, AA Jhunjhunwala v Kings XI Hyderabad (Deccan) 8 May 2012 T20
7th 41 RG Sharma, AS Yadav v Daredevils Hyderabad (Deccan) 22 Apr 2008 T20
8th 35 RG Sharma, D Kalyankrishna v Kings XI Hyderabad (Deccan) 1 May 2008 T20
9th 20 Ankit Sharma, DW Steyn v Super Kings Visakhapatnam 7 Apr 2012 T20
10th 2* DP Vijaykumar, PM Sarvesh Kumar v Daredevils Delhi 15 May 2008 T20
10th 2 Jaskaran Singh, PP Ojha v Mum Indians Mumbai (BS) 3 Apr 2010 T20
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