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The following list is provided thanks to the efforts of Eddie Smith, who has been tabulating bowling speeds reported in the media and by his own direct observation over the last few years.

Arbitrarily we regard bowlers reaching 140kph as qualified fast men. Bowlers with the ability to deliver balls above 145kph are considered genuine speedsters. 150kph is regarded as the benchmark for express pace bowlers.

For a list of other reported speeds in past literature, news reports, domestic cricket, women's cricket and historical scientific studies, click here.

  • This list is not a comprehensive database of all such deliveries to have been timed at 140kph or faster. Nor is it official in any capacity. It simply shows which bowlers have broken this barrier on known occasions in international matches. If you are able to supply any substantiable information on deliveries not listed below, please contact Eddie so we can endeavour to make it more complete.
  • Speed measuring devices have only become commonplace at international cricket matches since around 1998. There are few instances where speeds are known authoritatively prior to this.
  • Some speed measuring devices display speeds to the nearest kilometre per hour. These figures appear below with no appended decimal fraction.
  • Some speed measuring devices record in miles per hour. These figures have been converted to kilometres per hour and rounded to the nearest kph.

Enter a speed in either of the two boxes below and click 'Convert' or press 'enter' to perform an automatic conversion to the other form of measurement. Results are displayed to one decimal place. 1 mph = 1.60934 kph.

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Player Team Kph Against Date
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 161 v New Zealand 27/04/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 160 v New Zealand 27/04/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 159.9 v New Zealand 21/04/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 159.5 v Sri Lanka 12/04/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 159.0 v Sri Lanka 17/04/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 158.4 v Sri Lanka 17/04/2002
Brett Lee Australia 157.4 v South Africa 08/03/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 157.4 v Sri Lanka 12/04/2002
Brett Lee Australia 157.3 v South Africa 08/03/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 157.2 v Australia 09/06/2001
Brett Lee Australia 156.2 v South Africa Mar 2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 156 v South Africa 29/03/2000
Brett Lee Australia 156 v South Africa Apr 2000
Brett Lee Australia 156 v South Africa Apr 2000
Brett Lee Australia 154.8 v Pakistan 23/01/2000
Brett Lee Australia 154.6 v New Zealand 11/01/2002
Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 154.5 unknown 1999 season
Brett Lee Australia 154.5 v New Zealand 01/12/2001
Nantie Hayward South Africa 154.4 v India 03/11/2001
Nantie Hayward South Africa 154.3 v Australia 28/12/2001
Jason Gillespie Australia 153.9 v South Africa 06/04/2002
Waqar Younis Pakistan 153 v South Africa Jul 1993
Allan Donald South Africa 152.9 v England 26/07/1998
Waqar Younis Pakistan 152.6 v England 1996 season
Brett Lee Australia 152.4 v England Aug 2001
Makhaya Ntini South Africa 151.4 v Australia 22/02/2002
Shane Bond New Zealand 151.2 v Australia 26/01/2002
Jason Gillespie Australia 151.0 v South Africa 03/04/2002
Darren Gough England 151 v Australia 13/02/1999
Nantie Hayward South Africa 151 v England 10/12/1999
Brett Lee Australia 150.0 unknown 2000/01 season
Darren Gough England 149.8 v Zimbabwe May 2000
Jason Gillespie Australia 149.7 v New Zealand 30/11/2000
Makhaya Ntini South Africa 149.7 v New Zealand 01/02/2002
Javagal Srinath India 149.6 v Australia 1997/98 season
Javagal Srinath India 149.6 unknown Jun 1999
Chris Silverwood England 149.6 v South Africa 09/12/1999
Jason Gillespie Australia 149.1 v India 20/03/2001
Darren Gough South Africa 149 v India in 1998
Allan Donald England 149 v Australia 05/01/1999
Jason Gillespie Australia 148.9 v South Africa 22/01/2002
Mohammad Sami Pakistan 148.8 v New Zealand 12/04/2001
Jason Gillespie Australia 148.7 v West Indies Dec 2000
Mohammad Sami Pakistan 148.5 v New Zealand 15/04/2001
Roger Telemachus South Africa 148.3 v England 11/10/2000
Mfuneko Ngam South Africa 148.3 v Sri Lanka Dec 2000
Shane Bond New Zealand 148.2 v Australia 17/01/2002
Jacques Kallis South Africa 147.6 v Sri Lanka 2000/01 season
Shane Bond New Zealand 147.6 v Australia 11/01/2002
Mfuneko Ngam South Africa 147.5 v New Zealand Dec 2000
Dilhara Fernando Sri Lanka 147.5 v New Zealand 20/07/2001
Mohammad Sami Pakistan 147.4 v Sri Lanka 08/04/2001
Waqar Younis Pakistan 147.4 v England 17/06/2001
Abdur Razzaq Pakistan 147.2 v England 19/05/2001
Makhaya Ntini South Africa 147.2 v Australia 03/02/2002
Makhaya Ntini South Africa 147.1 v New Zealand 27/01/2002
Dean Headley England 147 v Australia 05/01/1999
Makhaya Ntini South Africa 147 v Sri Lanka 2000/01 season
Dilhara Fernando Sri Lanka 147 v South Africa 26/12/2000
Geoff Allott New Zealand 146.5 unknown 1999 season
Chris Silverwood England 146.5 v South Africa 10/12/1999
Jacques Kallis South Africa 146.4 unknown Jun 1999
Chris Cairns New Zealand 146.4 v England 20/08/1999
Franklyn Rose West Indies 146.4 v England 26/06/2000
Darren Gough England 146.3 v Australia 10/06/2001
Shane Bond New Zealand 146.2 v Australia 01/12/2001
Andrew Flintoff England 146.1 v India 20/12/2001
Ajit Agarkar India 145.4 v Zimbabwe 13/03/2002
Zaheer Khan India 145.0 v Zimbabwe 21/02/2002
Wasim Akram Pakistan 145 v South Africa 1992/93 season
Glenn McGrath Australia 145 v Pakistan 20/07/1999
Dean Headley England 145 v New Zealand 23/07/1999
Craig White England 145 v West Indies 04/08/2000
Colin Stuart West Indies 145 v Zimbabwe 22/07/2001
Jacques Kallis South Africa 144.5 v Australia Apr 2002
Steve Elworthy South Africa 144.4 v Australia 20/01/2002
Colin Stuart West Indies 144.1 v Australia 03/01/2001
Damien Fleming Australia 144 unknown Dec 1999
Marlon Black West Indies 144 v India 19/04/2002
Zaheer Khan India 143.8 unknown Oct 2000
Nixon McLean West Indies 143.8 v Australia 14/01/2001
Andy Bichel Australia 143.7 v West Indies 09/01/2001
Ajit Agarkar India 143.7 v Zimbabwe Jun 2001
Glenn McGrath Australia 143.7 v South Africa 03/02/2002
Craig White England 143.6 v West Indies 02/09/2000
Steve Elworthy South Africa 143.3 v New Zealand 19/01/2002
Andy Bichel Australia 143.3 v South Africa 03/02/2002
Reon King West Indies 143.2 v England 15/07/2000
Mohammad Zahid Pakistan 143 unknown in 1998
Shaun Pollock South Africa 143 v England 09/12/1999
Prabath Nissanka Sri Lanka 143 v Pakistan Oct 2001
Glenn McGrath Australia 142.9 v New Zealand 26/01/2002
Shane Watson Australia 142.9 v South Africa Apr 2002
Roger Telemachus South Africa 142.7 v Australia Jul 2000
Andy Caddick England 142.6 v Australia 21/06/2001
Brad Williams Australia 142.6 v New Zealand 11/01/2002
Glenn McGrath Australia 142.3 v Zimbabwe 04/02/2001
Andre Adams New Zealand 142.2 v Australia 29/01/2002
Allan Donald South Africa 142.2 v New Zealand 01/02/2002
Dewald Pretorius South Africa 142.2 v Australia 08/03/2002
James Ormond England 142.1 v Australia 23/08/2001
Damien Fleming Australia 142.1 v West Indies 09/11/2001
Marlon Black West Indies 142 v Australia 24/11/1999
Shane Lee Australia 142 v South Africa 16/04/2000
Zaheer Khan India 142 v Australia 11/03/2001
Marlon Black West Indies 142 v Zimbabwe 29/07/2001
Glenn McGrath Australia 141.6 v India 1997/98 season
Dominic Cork England 141.6 v Sri Lanka 31/08/1998
Alex Tudor England 141.6 v Australia 1998/99 season
Dion Nash New Zealand 141.6 v England 05/08/1999
Dion Nash New Zealand 141.6 v Australia 29/01/2002
Chris Martin New Zealand 141.4 v Australia 01/12/2001
Adam Sanford West Indies 141.0 v India 13/04/2002
Mervyn Dillon West Indies 141.0 v India 13/04/2002
Jacques Kallis South Africa 141 v Sri Lanka 04/01/2001
Ashish Nehra India 141 v West Indies 21/04/2002
Curtly Ambrose West Indies 140 v Pakistan 1992/93 season
Abdur Razzaq Pakistan 140 unknown in 1998
Mervyn Dillon West Indies 140 v India 28/10/1998
Courtney Walsh West Indies 140 v England 08/08/2000
Curtly Ambrose West Indies 140 v England 08/08/2000
Andy Blignaut Zimbabwe 140 v West Indies 28/07/2001
Travis Friend Zimbabwe 140 v England 29/09/2001
Heath Streak Zimbabwe 140 v England 02/10/2001

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