Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 247 MC Kleinveldt, MG Pote W Province Benoni 8 Mar 2012 FC
2nd 64 HE van der Dussen, TA Bula North West Potchefstroom 1 Nov 2012 FC
3rd 77 CJ Bowes, BT Kruger KZ-Natal Benoni 29 Mar 2012 FC
4th 91 DP Conway, S Burger Gauteng Benoni 15 Nov 2012 FC
5th 117 CN Ackermann, AJN Price E. Province Benoni 9 Feb 2012 FC
6th 161 CG Williams, NRP Scholtz Namibia Windhoek 11 Oct 2012 FC
7th 101 P Botha, SC van Schalkwyk Free State Benoni 25 Oct 2012 FC
8th 85 PJN Jeftha, CH Raubenheimer Boland Paarl 15 Mar 2012 FC
9th 93 NRP Scholtz, BM Scholtz Namibia Benoni 12 Jan 2012 FC
10th 77 AM Sodumo, Y Pangabantu Border Benoni 16 Feb 2012 FC

Performances in matches that overlap years are credited to the year in which they occurred - this results in some unknown data, especially in regard to bowling figures

Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Griqualand West v Easterns at Kimberley, CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition, Nov 22-23, 2012 [First-class]
Easterns v Gauteng at Benoni, CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition, Nov 15-17, 2012 [First-class]
North West v Easterns at Potchefstroom, CSA Provincial Three-Day Competition, Nov 1-3, 2012 [First-class]