Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 126 WTS Porterfield, V Chopra Warwickshire Manchester 1 Sep 2012 LA
2nd 208 VS Solanki, PJ Hughes Worcs Manchester 5 Jun 2012 LA
3rd 126 PR Stirling, EJG Morgan Middlesex Lord's 10 Jun 2012 LA
4th 110 JJ Cobb, MAG Boyce Leics Manchester 6 May 2012 LA
5th 96 MAG Boyce, SJ Thakor Leics Leicester 22 Jul 2012 LA
6th 42 IA Cockbain, CDJ Dent Gloucs Manchester 30 Jul 2012 LA
7th 68 GM Smith, GR Napier Essex Manchester 20 May 2012 LA
8th 28 JK Fuller, EGC Young Gloucs Bristol 19 Aug 2012 LA
9th 41 Mudassar Bukhari, T van der Gugten Netherlands Schiedam 28 May 2012 LA
10th 9* T van der Gugten, Ahsan Malik Netherlands Schiedam 28 May 2012 LA

Performances in matches that overlap years are credited to the year in which they occurred - this results in some unknown data, especially in regard to bowling figures

Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Lancashire v Warwickshire at Manchester, Clydesdale Bank 40 semi final, Sep 1, 2012 [List A]
Worcestershire v Lancashire at Worcester, Clydesdale Bank 40, Aug 27, 2012 [List A]
Essex v Lancashire at Chelmsford, Clydesdale Bank 40, Aug 23, 2012 [List A]