Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 97 AP Devcich, BS Wilson v Canterbury Hamilton 30 Nov 2012 T20
2nd 74 BS Wilson, HJH Marshall v Central D Mt Maunganui 5 Jan 2012 T20
3rd 49* HJH Marshall, SB Styris v Central D Mt Maunganui 5 Jan 2012 T20
4th 80 SJ Croft, SB Styris v Central D Hamilton 23 Nov 2012 T20
5th 126 SJ Croft, JS Foster v Otago Hamilton 2 Nov 2012 T20
6th 23* HJH Marshall, PD McGlashan v Otago Hamilton 19 Jan 2012 T20
7th 42 PD McGlashan, AP Devcich v Central D Napier 14 Jan 2012 T20
8th 24 BJ Watling, JAH Marshall v Otago Hamilton 14 Dec 2012 T20
9th 16 SB Styris, A Verma v Central D New Plymouth 29 Dec 2012 T20
10th 6 GW Aldridge, TA Boult v Auckland Mount Maunganui 8 Jan 2012 T20

Performances in matches that overlap years are credited to the year in which they occurred - this results in some unknown data, especially in regard to bowling figures

Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Central Districts v Northern Districts at New Plymouth, HRV Cup, Dec 29, 2012 [Twenty20]
Auckland v Northern Districts at Auckland, HRV Cup, Dec 26, 2012 [Twenty20]
Northern Districts v Otago at Hamilton, HRV Cup, Dec 14, 2012 [Twenty20]