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Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 125 AJ Redmond, HD Rutherford Otago v Wellington Wellington 6 Feb 2009 T20
2nd 62 AJ Redmond, GR Todd Otago v Central D New Plymouth 8 Feb 2009 T20
3rd 77 RA Jones, AK Kitchen Auckland v Central D New Plymouth 6 Feb 2009 T20
4th 140* NL McCullum, AD Mascarenhas Otago v Canterbury Dunedin 4 Feb 2009 T20
5th 92 HJH Marshall, DR Flynn Northern D v Canterbury Hamilton 18 Feb 2009 T20
6th 80 BJ Watling, KS Williamson Northern D v Canterbury Christchurch 6 Feb 2009 T20
7th 73 EP Thompson, BBJ Griggs Central D v Auckland New Plymouth 6 Feb 2009 T20
8th 68* MD Bell, LJ Woodcock Wellington v Auckland Auckland 15 Feb 2009 T20
9th 32* BE Scott, BP Martin Northern D v Auckland Auckland 4 Feb 2009 T20
10th 13* JS Patel, MV Houghton Wellington v Auckland Wellington 18 Feb 2009 T20
Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Otago v Canterbury at Dunedin, State Twenty20 final, Mar 1, 2009 [Twenty20]
Northern Districts v Wellington at Mt Maunganui, State Twenty20, Feb 22, 2009 [Twenty20]
Auckland v Otago at Auckland, State Twenty20, Feb 22, 2009 [Twenty20]
Central Districts v Canterbury at Palmerston North, State Twenty20, Feb 22, 2009 [Twenty20]
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