Most dismissals
Player Mat Inns Dis Ct St Max Dis Inns Dis/Inn
AC Parore 3 3 3 2 1 2 (1ct 1st) 1.000

Innings refers to when the player was the designated keeper.
All figures exclude catches not made as a wicketkeeper.

Records includes the following current or recent matches:
India v New Zealand at Nairobi (Gym), ICC KnockOut final, Oct 15, 2000 [ODI # 1639]
New Zealand v Pakistan at Nairobi (Gym), ICC KnockOut 1st semi final, Oct 11, 2000 [ODI # 1637]
New Zealand v Zimbabwe at Nairobi (Gym), ICC KnockOut 3rd quarter final, Oct 9, 2000 [ODI # 1635]