Player Age Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
NAJ George 39y 265d WI Women v Neth Women Deventer 6 Jul 2008 Women's T20I # 15
CM Edwards 36y 104d ENG Women v AUS Women Delhi 30 Mar 2016 Women's T20I # 360
BJ Clark 34y 357d AUS Women v ENG Women Taunton 2 Sep 2005 Women's T20I # 2
A Chopra 34y 308d India Women v AUS Women Visakhapatnam 23 Mar 2012 Women's T20I # 143
KL Rolton 34y 210d AUS Women v ENG Women The Oval 19 Jun 2009 Women's T20I # 41
MAM Lewis 34y 46d NZ Women v ENG Women Hove 5 Aug 2004 Women's T20I # 1

Age is shown as at the end of the player's final match as captain

Records include the following recent matches:
Australia Women v England Women at Canberra, 2nd T20I, Nov 19, 2017 [Women T20I # 392]
Australia Women v England Women at Sydney, 1st T20I, Nov 17, 2017 [Women T20I # 391]
New Zealand Women v Pakistan Women at Sharjah, 4th T20I, Nov 14, 2017 [Women T20I # 390]