Player Age Bowl Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
ME Maclagan 40y 75d 5/43 Eng Wn v Aus Women Scarborough 16 Jun 1951 Women's Test # 13
R Thompson 39y 175d 5/33 Aus Women v Eng Wn Bendigo 25 Jan 1985 Women's Test # 77
DE McEvoy 38y 239d 5/23 Eng Wn v NZ Women Auckland 26 Mar 1949 Women's Test # 12
E Bakewell 38y 197d 7/61 Eng Wn v WI Women Birmingham 1 Jul 1979 Women's Test # 65
GE McConway 37y 85d 6/71 Eng Wn v Aus Women Worcester 1 Aug 1987 Women's Test # 84
ER Wilson 36y 107d 6/71 Aus Women v Eng Wn Adelaide 8 Mar 1958 Women's Test # 23
Shaiza Khan 34y 363d 6/167 Pak Women v WI Women Karachi 15 Mar 2004 Women's Test # 122
L Johnston 34y 241d 7/24 Aus Women v NZ Women Melbourne 5 Feb 1972 Women's Test # 42
CL Fitzpatrick 33y 124d 5/31 Aus Women v Eng Wn Leeds 6 Jul 2001 Women's Test # 113
LG Ward 32y 295d 6/48 SA Women v NZ Women Johannesburg 24 Mar 1972 Women's Test # 45
P Rau 32y 166d 5/24 India Women v Eng Wn Shenley 15 Jul 1999 Women's Test # 110
MB Duggan 32y 106d 7/6 Eng Wn v Aus Women Melbourne 21 Feb 1958 Women's Test # 22
LJ Clifford 32y 6d 5/51 Eng Wn v Aus Women Sydney 25 Jan 1969 Women's Test # 38

Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the last 5wi by any player is shown.

Records include the following recent matches:
England Women v Australia Women at Canterbury, Only Test, Aug 11-14, 2015 [Women Test # 138]
India Women v South Africa Women at Mysore, Only Test, Nov 16-19, 2014 [Women Test # 137]
England Women v India Women at Wormsley, Only Test, Aug 13-16, 2014 [Women Test # 136]

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Swapnil Gugale (351*) and Rishabh Pant (308) scored triple-centuries in the Ranji Trophy match between Maharashtra and Delhi recently. This was only the second instance of two triple-hundreds in the same first-class match. The first was also in a Ranji match when Woorkeri Raman (313) and A Kripal Singh (302*) scored triple-centuries in the same innings for Tamil Nadu vs Goa in 1988-89.

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