Lowest totals
Team Score Overs RR Inns Ground Match Date Scorecard
Crusaders 114/9 20.0 5.70 1 Colombo (RPS) 26 Jan 2016 T20
Guardians 122 19.1 6.36 2 Colombo (RPS) 1 Feb 2016 T20
Commandos 162/8 20.0 8.10 1 Colombo (RPS) 27 Jan 2016 T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Hambantota Troopers v Colombo Commandos at Colombo (RPS), Super T20 Provincial Tournament 1st semi final, Feb 3, 2016 [Twenty20]
Hambantota Troopers v Galle Guardians at Colombo (RPS), Super T20 Provincial Tournament, Feb 1, 2016 [Twenty20]
Kurunegala Warriors v Hambantota Troopers at Colombo (RPS), Super T20 Provincial Tournament, Jan 29, 2016 [Twenty20]