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Statsguru is the world's premier online tool for analysing cricket statistics. Using the fully searchable database you can view, compare and contrast the careers of every one of the 3000 cricketers to have represented their country at international level. You can also access data on all international countries, grounds and officials.

New! Cricinfo has now launched a new, improved Statsguru. The latest release is more comprehensive than ever before, offering complete interactive analyses of cricket records and statistics. There are two powerful tools to explore - Statsguru records where you can generate your own records tables based on your chosen criteria, whilst Statsguru analysis lets you interrogate and compare the records for individual players, teams, grounds or officials.

Enter the name of an international player, team, ground or umpire/referee:


Statsguru is based on all matches up to and including:

  • Test # 2341: South Africa v Pakistan at Johannesburg, 3rd Test, 2018/19
  • ODI # 4080: South Africa v Pakistan at Port Elizabeth, 1st ODI, 2018/19
  • T20I # 718: New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Auckland, Only T20I, 2018/19
  • ICC Trophy # 2844: Kenya v Netherlands at Potchefstroom, ICC World Cup Qualifiers 3rd place play-off, 2009
  • Women's Test # 139: Australia v England at Sydney, Women's Ashes Only Test, 2017/18
  • Women's ODI # 1133: Australia v Pakistan at Kuala Lumpur, 2017/18

Comments and suggestions about Statsguru can be sent via the feedback form.