Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 133 V Sibanda, BRM Taylor Rhinos Kwekwe 14 Oct 2012 T20
2nd 107 BM Chapungu, PS Masvaure Rhinos Bulawayo 10 Feb 2016 T20
3rd 108* BM Chapungu, MN Waller Rhinos Bulawayo 10 Feb 2016 T20
4th 88 D Pretorius, RN Manyande Vipers Harare 15 Feb 2010 T20
5th 51 BRM Taylor, MN Waller Rhinos Harare 17 Nov 2010 T20
6th 45 CO Obuya, NN Odhiambo Kenya Harare 16 Nov 2011 T20
7th 55 RR Patel, NN Odhiambo Kenya Harare 18 Nov 2011 T20
8th 31* SC Williams, DR Higgins Tuskers Harare 12 Feb 2010 T20
9th 9 P Utseya, T Panyangara Mountaineers Harare 16 Nov 2010 T20
10th 14 SW Tait, MT Chinouya Rhinos Harare 2 Dec 2011 T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Mountaineers v Mashonaland Eagles at Bulawayo, Domestic Twenty20 Competition final, Feb 13, 2016 [Twenty20]
Mashonaland Eagles v Mid West Rhinos at Bulawayo, Domestic Twenty20 Competition, Feb 12, 2016 [Twenty20]
Mashonaland Eagles v Mountaineers at Bulawayo, Domestic Twenty20 Competition, Feb 11, 2016 [Twenty20]
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