Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 121 PJ Hughes, DA Warner NSW Hyderabad (Deccan) 16 Oct 2009 T20
2nd 76 TM Dowlin, EA Crandon Guyana Port of Spain 30 Jul 2010 T20
3rd 110* TM Dowlin, RR Sarwan Guyana Coolidge 13 Aug 2006 T20
4th 81 SD Hope, JL Carter Barbados Port of Spain 7 Sep 2012 T20
5th 103* GS Ballance, AU Rashid Yorkshire Centurion 10 Oct 2012 T20
6th 48* SE Findlay, CS Baugh Jamaica Bridgetown 22 Jan 2012 T20
7th 53 ABW Bobb, DK Butler St Vi & Gren Coolidge 13 Feb 2008 T20
8th 47 JWA Taylor, CW Henderson Leics Hyderabad (Deccan) 20 Sep 2011 T20
9th 25 JM Simmonds, JC Maynard Nevis Coolidge 11 Aug 2006 T20
10th 22* JM Simmonds, FJ Monzack Nevis Coolidge 11 Aug 2006 T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Trinidad & Tobago v Mumbai Indians at Delhi, Champions League Twenty20 2nd semi final, Oct 5, 2013 [Twenty20]
Chennai Super Kings v Trinidad & Tobago at Delhi, Champions League Twenty20 20th match, Oct 2, 2013 [Twenty20]
Titans v Trinidad & Tobago at Ahmedabad, Champions League Twenty20 16th match, Sep 30, 2013 [Twenty20]
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