Highest partnerships by runs
Partners Runs Wkt Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
AC Gilchrist, SE Marsh 206 2nd Kings XI v RCB Dharamsala 17 May 2011 T20
CH Gayle, V Kohli 204* 2nd RCB v Daredevils Delhi 17 May 2012 T20
DA Warner, NV Ojha 189* 2nd Daredevils v Chargers Hyderabad (Deccan) 10 May 2012 T20
HH Gibbs, RG Sharma 167* 2nd Mum Indians v KKR Kolkata 12 May 2012 T20
CH Gayle, TM Dilshan 167 1st RCB v Warriors Bangalore 23 Apr 2013 T20
SR Tendulkar, DR Smith 163* 1st Mum Indians v Royals Jaipur 20 May 2012 T20
MEK Hussey, M Vijay 159 1st Super Kings v RCB Chennai 28 May 2011 T20
CL White, KC Sangakkara 157 3rd Chargers v Warriors Cuttack 1 May 2012 T20
AC Gilchrist, VVS Laxman 155* 1st Chargers v Mum Indians Mumbai 27 Apr 2008 T20
SS Iyer, JP Duminy 154 2nd Daredevils v Mum Indians Delhi 23 Apr 2015 T20
JH Kallis, G Gambhir 152* 2nd KKR v Royals Jaipur 15 Apr 2011 T20
M Vijay, JA Morkel 152 3rd Super Kings v Royals Chennai 3 Apr 2010 T20
DPMD Jayawardene, V Sehwag 151 1st Daredevils v Mum Indians Delhi 21 Apr 2013 T20
Azhar Mahmood, SE Marsh 148 3rd Kings XI v Mum Indians Dharamsala 18 May 2013 T20
DA Warner, V Sehwag 146 1st Daredevils v Kings XI Delhi 23 Apr 2011 T20
MK Pandey, RV Uthappa 145* 3rd Warriors v Daredevils Pune 24 Apr 2012 T20
AM Rahane, SR Watson 144 1st Royals v Super Kings Ahmedabad 19 Apr 2015 T20
SK Raina, S Badrinath 142* 3rd Super Kings v Mum Indians Mumbai (BS) 25 Mar 2010 T20
MEK Hussey, SK Raina 140* 2nd Super Kings v Mum Indians Delhi 21 May 2013 T20
M Vijay, MEK Hussey 139* 1st Super Kings v Kings XI Mohali 10 Apr 2013 T20
M Vijay, SK Raina 137* 2nd Super Kings v KKR Chennai 13 Apr 2010 T20
MEK Hussey, SK Raina 137 2nd Super Kings v Royals Chennai 4 May 2011 T20
AC Gilchrist, PC Valthaty 136 1st Kings XI v Chargers Hyderabad (Deccan) 16 Apr 2011 T20
MS Bisla, JH Kallis 136 2nd KKR v Super Kings Chennai 27 May 2012 T20
CH Gayle, V Kohli 136 2nd RCB v Kings XI Bangalore 14 May 2013 T20
NV Ojha, GC Smith 135 1st Royals v Kings XI Durban 5 May 2009 T20
DPMD Jayawardene, V Sehwag 135 1st Daredevils v Mum Indians Delhi 27 Apr 2012 T20
GJ Maxwell, DA Miller 135 3rd Kings XI v Super Kings Cuttack 7 May 2014 T20
SR Watson, R Dravid 134* 1st Royals v Mum Indians Mumbai 20 May 2011 T20
G Gambhir, S Dhawan 133 2nd Daredevils v Chargers Delhi 15 May 2008 T20
SE Marsh, LA Pomersbach 133 2nd Kings XI v Mum Indians Mumbai 21 May 2008 T20
SE Marsh, JR Hopes 133 1st Kings XI v Royals Mohali 28 May 2008 T20
MEK Hussey, SK Raina 133 2nd Super Kings v Sunrisers Hyderabad (Deccan) 8 May 2013 T20
KD Karthik, RG Sharma 132 3rd Mum Indians v Daredevils Mumbai 9 Apr 2013 T20
AB de Villiers, Yuvraj Singh 132 4th RCB v Royals Bangalore 11 May 2014 T20
RG Sharma, CJ Anderson 131* 4th Mum Indians v KKR Kolkata 8 Apr 2015 T20
S Dhawan, DB Ravi Teja 131 1st Chargers v Kings XI Dharamsala 21 May 2011 T20
CH Gayle, AB de Villiers 131 4th RCB v Kings XI Mohali 20 Apr 2012 T20
JH Kallis, MK Pandey 131 2nd KKR v Mum Indians Abu Dhabi 16 Apr 2014 T20
OA Shah, AD Mathews 130* 5th KKR v Chargers Mumbai 12 Mar 2010 T20
DA Miller, R Sathish 130* 5th Kings XI v RCB Mohali 6 May 2013 T20
LMP Simmons, AT Rayudu 130 2nd Mum Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad (Deccan) 12 May 2014 T20
S Dhawan, DA Warner 130 1st Sunrisers v KKR Visakhapatnam 22 Apr 2015 T20
RS Bopara, MS Bisla 129 1st Kings XI v RCB Bangalore 16 Mar 2010 T20
M Vohra, WP Saha 129 3rd Kings XI v KKR Bangalore 1 Jun 2014 T20
Mandeep Singh, DA Miller 128* 4th Kings XI v Warriors Mohali 21 Apr 2013 T20
AJ Finch, DA Warner 128* 2nd Sunrisers v Daredevils Dubai (DSC) 25 Apr 2014 T20
DA Warner, PD Collingwood 128 4th Daredevils v KKR Delhi 29 Mar 2010 T20
BB McCullum, DPMD Jayawardene 128 1st Kochi v Mum Indians Mumbai 15 Apr 2011 T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Sunrisers Hyderabad v Chennai Super Kings at Hyderabad (Deccan), Pepsi Indian Premier League 34th match, May 2, 2015 [Twenty20]
Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kolkata Knight Riders at Bangalore, Pepsi Indian Premier League 33rd match, May 2, 2015 [Twenty20]
Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai, Pepsi Indian Premier League 32nd match, May 1, 2015 [Twenty20]
Delhi Daredevils v Kings XI Punjab at Delhi, Pepsi Indian Premier League 31st match, May 1, 2015 [Twenty20]
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