Series results
Series/Tournament Season Winner Margin
Sri Lanka in New Zealand T20I Match 2018/19 New Zealand 1-0 (1)
ACC Western Region T20 (Bahrain, Kuwait, Maldives, Qatar, Saudi Arabia in Oman) 2018/19 Saudi Arabia
Nepal in United Arab Emirates T20I Series 2018/19 Nepal 2-1 (3)
Pakistan in South Africa T20I Series 2018/19 South Africa 2-1 (3)
India in New Zealand T20I Series 2018/19 New Zealand 2-1 (3)
Oman Quadrangular T20I Series (Ireland, Netherlands, Oman, Scotland) 2018/19 Scotland
Afghanistan v Ireland T20I Series (in India) 2018/19 Afghanistan 3-0 (3)
Australia in India T20I Series 2018/19 Australia 2-0 (2)
England in West Indies T20I Series 2018/19 England 3-0 (3)
United States of America in United Arab Emirates T20I Series 2018/19 U.A.E. 1-0 (2)
ICC World Twenty20 East Asia-Pacific Region Final (Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Vanuatu in Papua New Guinea) 2018/19 P.N.G.
Sri Lanka in South Africa T20I Series 2018/19 South Africa 3-0 (3)
Spain Triangular T20I Series (Estonia XI, Malta, Spain) 2019 Spain
Central American Cricket Championships (Belize, Costa Rica, Marylebone Cricket Club, Mexico, Panama in Mexico) 2019 Belize
Pakistan in England T20I Match 2019 England 1-0 (1)
Germany in Belgium T20I Series 2019 Germany 3-0 (3)
ICC Men's T20 World Cup Africa Region Final (Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda in Uganda) 2019 Namibia
Germany v Italy T20I Series (in Netherlands) 2019 Italy 2-0 (2)
Jersey in Guernsey T20I Series 2019 Jersey 3-0 (3)
ICC Men's T20 World Cup Europe Region Final (Denmark, Germany, Guernsey, Italy, Jersey, Norway in Guernsey) 2019 Jersey
Zimbabwe in Netherlands T20I Series 2019 drawn 1-1 (2)
Malaysia Tri-Nation T20I Series (Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand) 2019 Malaysia
Kuwait in Qatar T20I Series 2019 Qatar 2-1 (3)
Finland in Denmark T20I Series 2019 Denmark 2-0 (2)
Pacific Games Men's Cricket Competition (New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Vanuatu in Samoa) 2019 P.N.G.
Nepal in Malaysia T20I Series 2019 Nepal 2-0 (2)
Zimbabwe in Ireland T20I Series 2019 drawn 1-1 (3)
ICC Men's T20 World Cup Asia Region Final (Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Qatar, Singapore in Singapore) 2019 Singapore
West Indies v India T20I Series (in United States of America/West Indies) 2019 India 3-0 (3)
United Arab Emirates in Netherlands T20I Series 2019 U.A.E. 4-0 (4)
Spain in Finland T20I Series 2019 Spain 2-1 (3)
Botswana in Namibia T20I Series 2019 Namibia 4-0 (4)
ICC Men's T20 World Cup Americas Region Final (Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, United States of America in Bermuda) 2019 Canada
Romania Cup (Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Romania, Turkey) 2019 Austria
New Zealand in Sri Lanka T20I Series 2019 New Zealand 2-1 (3)
Ireland Tri-Nation T20I Series (Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland) 2019 Ireland
Bangladesh Twenty20 Tri-Series (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe) 2019 shared
South Africa in India T20I Series 2019/20 drawn 1-1 (3)
Singapore Twenty20 Tri-Series (Nepal, Singapore, Zimbabwe) 2019/20 Zimbabwe
Vanuatu in Malaysia T20I Series 2019/20 Vanuatu 3-2 (5)
South American Men's Championships (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru in Peru) 2019/20 Argentina
Sri Lanka in Pakistan T20I Series 2019/20 Sri Lanka 3-0 (3)
Oman Pentangular T20I Series (Hong Kong, Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands, Oman) 2019/20 Oman
Jersey in Qatar T20I Series 2019/20 Qatar 3-0 (3)
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Qatar v Jersey at Doha, 3rd T20I, Oct 11, 2019 [T20I # 930]
Oman v Nepal at Al Amerat, Oman Pentangular T20I Series 10th match, Oct 10, 2019 [T20I # 928]
Hong Kong v Netherlands at Al Amerat, Oman Pentangular T20I Series 9th match, Oct 10, 2019 [T20I # 927]