Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 115 NR Parlane, CJ Merchant v Central D Wellington 22 Jan 2010 T20
1st 115 JD Ryder, LJ Wright v Canterbury Timaru 23 Dec 2010 T20
2nd 142* JD Ryder, MHW Papps v Northern D Wellington 13 Jan 2013 T20
2nd 142 DP Conway, TA Blundell v Otago Dunedin 27 Jan 2019 T20
3rd 92 JD Ryder, NR Parlane v Northern D Wellington 19 Jan 2007 T20
4th 137 GD Elliott, JEC Franklin v Otago Dunedin 8 Jan 2014 T20
5th 116 TA Blundell, MA Pollard v Auckland Auckland 24 Dec 2016 T20
6th 90 JEC Franklin, CJ Nevin v Auckland Wellington 8 Jan 2010 T20
7th 72 HKP Boam, LJ Woodcock v Otago Dunedin 20 Jan 2013 T20
8th 68* MD Bell, LJ Woodcock v Auckland Auckland 15 Feb 2009 T20
9th 37 LJ Woodcock, RPC Karaitiana v Northern D Wellington 12 Dec 2010 T20
9th 37 LJ Woodcock, BV Sears v Central D Wellington 1 Feb 2019 T20
10th 33* MJ Taylor, BJ Arnel v Canterbury Wellington 2 Dec 2015 T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Canterbury v Wellington at Christchurch, Super Smash 28th match, Feb 9, 2019 [Twenty20]
Central Districts v Wellington at Wellington, Super Smash 25th match, Feb 1, 2019 [Twenty20]
Otago v Wellington at Dunedin, Super Smash 24th match, Jan 27, 2019 [Twenty20]