Match results
Team 1 Team 2 Winner Margin Match Date Scorecard
England Netherlands Netherlands 4 wickets Jun 5, 2009 T20I # 90
Netherlands Pakistan Pakistan 82 runs Jun 9, 2009 T20I # 98
New Zealand South Africa South Africa 1 run Jun 9, 2009 T20I # 99
Pakistan Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 19 runs Jun 12, 2009 T20I # 104
India West Indies West Indies 7 wickets Jun 12, 2009 T20I # 105
Ireland Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 9 runs Jun 14, 2009 T20I # 108
England India England 3 runs Jun 14, 2009 T20I # 109
Pakistan Sri Lanka Pakistan 8 wickets Jun 21, 2009 T20I # 116
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Lord's, ICC World Twenty20 final, Jun 21, 2009 [T20I # 116]
England v India at Lord's, ICC World Twenty20 20th match, Jun 14, 2009 [T20I # 109]
Ireland v Sri Lanka at Lord's, ICC World Twenty20 19th match, Jun 14, 2009 [T20I # 108]

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