Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 175 V Chopra, IJ Westwood v Middlesex Birmingham 21 Aug 2012 FC
2nd 114 V Chopra, WTS Porterfield v Surrey The Oval 23 May 2012 FC
3rd 219 V Chopra, IJL Trott v Sussex Hove 26 Apr 2012 FC
4th 102 WTS Porterfield, JO Troughton v Cardiff MCCU Birmingham 6 Apr 2012 FC
5th 111 WTS Porterfield, TR Ambrose v Surrey The Oval 23 May 2012 FC
6th 147 TR Ambrose, R Clarke v Lancashire Birmingham 16 May 2012 FC
7th 204 JO Troughton, CR Woakes v Somerset Taunton 18 Jul 2012 FC
8th 224 DL Maddy, R Clarke v Lancashire Liverpool 19 Apr 2012 FC
9th 127 CR Woakes, JS Patel v Surrey Birmingham 27 Jul 2012 FC
10th 47 KHD Barker, CJC Wright v Somerset Birmingham 12 Apr 2012 FC
Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Nottinghamshire v Warwickshire at Nottingham, County Championship Division One, Sep 11-14, 2012 [First-class]
Worcestershire v Warwickshire at Worcester, County Championship Division One, Sep 4-6, 2012 [First-class]
Warwickshire v Nottinghamshire at Birmingham, County Championship Division One, Aug 28-31, 2012 [First-class]