Player Age Bowl Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
CL Fitzpatrick 37y 358d 5/29 AUS Women v India Women Adelaide 25 Feb 2006 Women's ODI # 559
M Maben 33y 162d 6/10 India Women v SL Women Kandy 25 Apr 2004 Women's ODI # 486
GL Page 32y 316d 6/20 NZ Women v T & T Women St Albans 23 Jun 1973 Women's ODI # 3
LA Fullston 32y 286d 5/28 AUS Women v Neth Women Melbourne 14 Dec 1988 Women's ODI # 116
Shaiza Khan 32y 27d 5/38 PAK Women v Neth Women Karachi 14 Apr 2001 Women's ODI # 366
E Bisht 31y 144d 5/18 India Women v PAK Women Derby 2 Jul 2017 Women's ODI # 1065
KH Brunt 30y 361d 5/30 ENG Women v PAK Women Taunton 27 Jun 2016 Women's ODI # 985
LC Sthalekar 30y 206d 5/35 AUS Women v NZ Women Invercargill 7 Mar 2010 Women's ODI # 734

Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the last 5wi by any player is shown.

Records include the following recent matches:
England Women v South Africa Women at Bristol, ICC Women's World Cup 1st semi final, Jul 18, 2017 [Women ODI # 1083]
Pakistan Women v Sri Lanka Women at Leicester, ICC Women's World Cup 28th match, Jul 15, 2017 [Women ODI # 1082]
India Women v New Zealand Women at Derby, ICC Women's World Cup 27th match, Jul 15, 2017 [Women ODI # 1081]
England Women v West Indies Women at Bristol, ICC Women's World Cup 26th match, Jul 15, 2017 [Women ODI # 1080]
Australia Women v South Africa Women at Taunton, ICC Women's World Cup 25th match, Jul 15, 2017 [Women ODI # 1079]

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Number of single-digit scores by the Australia batsmen against South Africa in Hobart was 16 - their joint-most in any Test. The last time before this they had 16 such scores in a Test was in 1912 at the Oval.

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