Highest partnerships by wicket
Wkt Runs Partners Team Ground Match Date Scorecard
1st 166* K Mogotsi, AGS Gous Free State Kimberley 24 Sep 2017 T20
2nd 171* DA Hendricks, GH Bodi Gauteng Windhoek 23 Oct 2011 T20
3rd 160* CO Obuya, RR Patel Kenya Windhoek 6 Nov 2011 T20
4th 112 CO Obuya, RG Aga Kenya Windhoek 4 Nov 2011 T20
5th 124 Irfan Ahmed, JJ Atkinson Hong Kong Windhoek 18 May 2015 T20
6th 71 GC Wilson, JF Mooney Ireland ICCA 2 Dubai 13 Mar 2012 T20
7th 55* MG Raso, A Bonora Italy Abu Dhabi 19 Nov 2013 T20
8th 49 Z Swartz, AM Brooker Northern Cpe Windhoek 17 Jan 2016 T20
9th 26* GC Viljoen, IC Hlengani Easterns Benoni 15 Jan 2012 T20
10th 30 T Mupariwa, CB Mpofu Tuskers Harare 20 Feb 2010 T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:
Namibia v Free State at Kimberley, 2nd semi final, Sep 24, 2017 [Twenty20]
Namibia v South Western Districts at Benoni, Africa T20 Cup, Aug 27, 2017 [Twenty20]
Easterns v Namibia at Benoni, Africa T20 Cup, Aug 26, 2017 [Twenty20]