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Records include the following recent matches:
Kolkata T20 v Delhi T20 at Dubai (DSC), Indian T20 League 6th match, Apr 19, 2014 [Twenty20]
Bangalore T20 v Mumbai T20 at Dubai (DSC), Indian T20 League 5th match, Apr 19, 2014 [Twenty20]
Hyderabad T20 v Jaipur T20 at Abu Dhabi, Indian T20 League 4th match, Apr 18, 2014 [Twenty20]
Chennai T20 v Mohali T20 at Abu Dhabi, Indian T20 League 3rd match, Apr 18, 2014 [Twenty20]


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Kevin Pietersen has scored 158 in an innings three times in Tests. This is the highest Test score to be hit by a batsman thrice in his career. Two of the instances came against Australia. The next-highest such score is by Steve Waugh, who scored 157 three times in his career. In Waugh's case too, two of the instances were against the same opposition - England.

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Most consecutive five-wickets-in-an-innings - Test matches

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