Player Opposition Ground Match Date Debut Time Mat Inns Scorecard
SR Tendulkar (India) v Pakistan Centurion 1 Mar 2003 18 Dec 1989 13y 73d 309 300 ODI # 1975
RT Ponting (Aus/ICC) v England Centurion 2 Oct 2009 15 Feb 1995 14y 229d 323 314 ODI # 2905
KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL) v Pakistan Dubai (DSC) 20 Dec 2013 5 Jul 2000 13y 168d 359 336 ODI # 3446
ST Jayasuriya (Asia/SL) v Australia Bridgetown 28 Apr 2007 26 Dec 1989 17y 123d 390 379 ODI # 2581

Time is based on the start of the debut match and the start of the match in which the milestone was achieved
Batsmen within a maximum of 480 innings shown

Records include the following recent matches:
Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Dhaka, Asia Cup final, Mar 8, 2014 [ODI # 3486]
Bangladesh v Sri Lanka at Dhaka, Asia Cup 10th match, Mar 6, 2014 [ODI # 3485]
West Indies v England at North Sound, 3rd ODI, Mar 5, 2014 [ODI # 3484]
Afghanistan v India at Dhaka, Asia Cup 9th match, Mar 5, 2014 [ODI # 3483]


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Kevin Pietersen has scored 158 in an innings three times in Tests. This is the highest Test score to be hit by a batsman thrice in his career. Two of the instances came against Australia. The next-highest such score is by Steve Waugh, who scored 157 three times in his career. In Waugh's case too, two of the instances were against the same opposition - England.

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