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Welcome to the new, improved Statsguru, Cricinfo's searchable cricket statistics database.

Among batsmen with at least 1000 Test runs in Australia, who averages the highest? Which ODI bowler has conceded 60 or more runs in an innings the most number of times? In times gone by, all the questions listed above would have required the intervention of a qualified cricket statistician. Now, though, the answers are just a few clicks away.

Welcome to the new, improved Statsguru, built by Travis Basevi, who was the brains behind the first version as well. The earlier edition was pretty impressive (and for those who swear by it, it's still available on the site), but this new, beefed-up avatar is far more comprehensive, offering complete analyses on batsmen, bowlers, partnerships and teams. Unlike the earlier version, the stats here are updated live, as they happen, and not at the end of the match. There is a basic query page - for the simple queries - and an advanced one, for the more intricate questions. The number of filters might slightly intimidate the first-timer, but scroll down the page and you'll realise that it's all quite easy to understand. And extremely powerful as well.

To make it even simpler to comprehend and use, we've worked out a few examples on how to use the query tool. Click on the 'demo' links on the right to check them out.

We've tried to make the new engine as user-friendly as possible, but we'd love to hear your comments on it. Please consider what you see as still in beta development, so do write in - with suggestions and comments, both good and bad - via our feedback page.

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